Distance is not an issue, even from the other side of the world!

A BRAND NEW MONITORING SYSTEM FOR YOU! If you can't get to Italy or Europe for a shoot, we can provide you with an innovative remote monitoring system created by our technical staff to shoot wherever you want at a very reasonable cost! Just connect to a computer or even to a smartphone to

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3 Reasons to use a good fixer and make your filming more than just OK

8Feet Fixer had the honor and privilege to work for an American production ordered by TNT about a docuseries on Shaquille O’Neal called “SHAQ LIFE”. The series aimed to take viewers along with the four-time NBA champion for a glimpse of his summer break business and entertainment dealings.  As you might know, Shaq spends

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Why are so many media projects set in Italy?

With its history, its cultural tradition and its gastronomy, Italy is a mythical country full of inspiring and creative atmosphere! A legendary country, Italy has inspired artists, photographers, writers and musicians through the ages! FIVE REASONS WHY ITALY MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO MEDIA PEOPLE! You may be wondering why media people are on the

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Life of a Fixer: a little walk in Wonderland

I just get up every morning silently asking myself – What’s my mission today?-  A few slow steps from the bed to the toilet and already question two, three and four arise in front of the mirror reflecting countless eyes from faraway worlds, all staring at me: the Italian Fixer. Living a Fixer’s life

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