3 Reasons to use a good fixer and make your filming more than just OK

8Feet Fixer had the honor and privilege to work for an American production ordered by TNT about a docuseries on Shaquille O’Neal called “SHAQ LIFE”. The series aimed to take viewers along with the four-time NBA champion for a glimpse of his summer break business and entertainment dealings.  As you might know, Shaq spends his time on DJ Gigs in the US, an International DJ Tour, shooting films, participating in speaking appearances, spending time at his restaurant “Big Chicken” and with his 5 children.

The docuseries was meant to let the audience take a ride into the amazing wildlife of Shaquille O’Neal and finally on April, 9th 2020 there was the successful debut!

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The documentary was successfully aired and, thinking back to those days, we had a great time and were so proud of being involved on the Italian side of the shooting, working side by side with a fantastic crew, that landed in Sardinia after filming in other European countries the International DJ tour by Shaq.


The very first contact with us was when the production asked to support this series in a remote village of Southern Italy… oh, but you definitely need this story to be told!

As you’ll probably know, in Italy there are many little towns and villages with a similar or same name among them.  So, if you are not local it is very easy to get confused and localize the wrong place!

What we were asked was to arrange services around a village lost in the mountains in the middle of nowhere…

“Strange that an International superstar decides to perform in such a place”… we thought!

But the place had been double-checked, following the production request and we went ahead with the prep until we figure out that the real place where to film was almost 800 km away from the mountain village!

…And only three days left before the shooting!

Although a whole sea in the middle, everything (vans, staff, technicians, etc) was quickly fixed and moved to the right place and actually it was a far better location, on the beautiful beach of Quartu S.Elena in the amazing island of Sardinia.

The crew arrived as well as Shaq and his team. We filmed up and down the Cagliari area for two unforgettable days, with Shaq’s DJ set event in the middle.  Some little issues related to the event like shooting permits, logistics on the island, and a scenario that was influenced by this last-minute coordination were taken by the team like a challenge that was solved thanks to an effective network that brought value in solving the task at hand.


When you are on the casting stage or fill stuck and no idea on how to choose the best fixer for you, the list might be very long. Therefore, when it comes to a skilled pro some essential elements in his personality come first.

A good fixer has to guarantee:

  • Patience
  • Creativity
  • Calm
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills go hand in hand with the role of the fixer
  • Deep knowledge of the local reality
  • Ability to negotiate with local authorities and communities
  • Local knowledge is a must to successful shooting and it makes a huge difference to how far the film needs a stretch.

The good fixer for you takes inspiration from past experiences to come up with great solutions aiming to the issue outcome, finding a way to right the ship and guiding it safely to port.


So, when considering the choice of a Fixer you need to see this professional as a protection for your production in foreign countries. Be aware that a bad fixer will move the production at a sluggish and worrisome pace, creating lots of problems that complicate your project and bring bad results.

Finding fixers that specialize in your specific project and needs is very important as well as working with experienced professionals that can work in close contact with the local authorities and have a perfect knowledge of the locations.

In this way, you will be safe and the shooting will be a successful one!

Do you think Italy is the place for your next shoot? Contact us!

8Feet Fixer can organize your shooting and help you discover the hidden gems of our stunning country!


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