Sabrina Nitschke

Enrico Pallazzo Gesellschaft für gute Unterhaltung GmbH - Germany

It was the first time working with 8Feet Fixer for a project in Italy for Prosieben with the starred chef Benedikt Faust . We couldn’t have wished for a better partner and crew addition. They took care of everything before we even asked. Their best virtue is they never hesitate and took care of all our needs right away. It felt like family even though we never saw each other before. Over all they made sure we don’t have to worry about anything. Francesca, my love, grazie mille!

Melinda O' Callaghan

Wild Bear Entertainment - Australia

Francesca and her team are a dream to work with in Italy! Reliable, thorough and independent fixers, Francesca organised 12+ rich local interviews with experts in Napoli, streamlining the entire process for our production ‘How To Build A City’. I would highly recommend her team and look forward to working with them again soon.

Sander Roks

Totem Media - Netherlands

It was fantastic to work with 8Feet. When plans had to change, they were always flexible. They are very well connected all over Italy and found the best characters for our documentary, really treating it as if it was their own project. Besides all their professional qualities, the 8Feet family is so friendly and welcoming. A pleasure to work with them.

Maki Konikson

Konikson Production LLC, Hawaii

“I have been doing production work for 30 years and I asked Francesca 8FeetFixer to help my production in Capri and Florence, Italy. Since then, she has been a part of my team. She is amazing and the perfect coordinator that I recommend to anyone! Francesca’s personality is kind, funny, and charming. Most importantly, she never gives up!! She never says “NO” whenever I ask her to do a new task. She always tries her best for me!! I can write on and on about her!! I love her soooooo much! You will be so happy to work with her!!!”

Anne-Shirley Lavoie

TVA - Canada

Monica is the perfect fixer you would dream for! She is an extremely nice person, but also a very efficient coordinator. She could understand exactly what we needed either for the content of our TV show and for the crew. She knew perfectly how to make things work. Our whole crew felt in love with her smile! I would recommend her and 8FeetFixer anytime!

Iwka Polak

Ekipa - Poland

Thank you, Monica! You are absolutely perfect team. So if we will back to Italy, with big pleasure we want to cooperate with you again!

Friso de Ronden

Cliff Productions - Holland

I was looking for a model in Milan for a CM video shooting, it was super last minute and I only had a few days left to arrange the shoot. I saw some very positive posts about 8Feet Fixer on facebook, so I contacted them and Francesca immediately got back to me. Communication was smooth and fast and the model was great!

Ilinca Neagu

In Visuals - Belgium

8Feet Fixer are a wonderful family company and a pleasure to work with ! Very professional, with a great attitude, Francesca, Rosanna, Vincenzo, Monica and everybody at 8Feet Fixer get things done and bring a smile on your face while doing it. They know the Italian production servicing landscape very well and will help you all over the country. I’m very grateful to have had their help setting up the Italian leg of Shaq Life !

Miku Nishizawa

LVTN - Japan

I have been working with Francesca for over 20 years. She is very professional and her coordination always excellent and very efficient everytime I come to Napoli for a new project. Without her, it wouldn’t be the same. My food related projects are always successful thanks to her great support and expertize. She is a perfect and unique coordinator. Grazie mille, Francesca!

Marcin Litewka

Mass Koncept for TTV - Poland

My experience in working with the 8FF crew can be summed up easily in two words: efficiency and professionalism. You guys have done a great job and met all our needs to set locations and extras in all the European countries we have filmed. Thanks to you, the shooting went smoothly, while all the complications on set were solved without any issue. I would have recommended you to anyone in the world.

Rena Bougiouka


Thanks a lot!

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