Why are so many media projects set in Italy?

With its history, its cultural tradition and its gastronomy, Italy is a mythical country full of inspiring and creative atmosphere! A legendary country, Italy has inspired artists, photographers, writers and musicians through the ages!


You may be wondering why media people are on the look-out for Italian sets for their projects? Here are the top reasons:

  • Inspiration
  • Locations
  • Weather
  • Stories and people
  • Food

Inspiration for special media project sets

Italy is steeped in a rich and amazing history, filled with a wealth of stunning locations that create an inspiring atmosphere in the country that many photographers, journalists, travel bloggers, film directors and documentary makers find appealing and unique. Being immersed in such an atmosphere, means that their creative minds can get inspired more and more, generating an endless flow of creative ideas that can turn an average project into a great one. You can walk through ancient ruins, modern towns, medieval hamlets, stunning fields, an enchanted sea, majestic mountains, peaceful lakes and rivers and access a special kind of inspiration that transcends time and place.

Plenty of locations to shoot

LOCATIONS! Italy offers a wealth of locations where media professionals can find whatever they need to make their project come true. A wide variety of amazing landscapes, ancient and modern locations you can ask an Italian fixerabout, that can be used for any project. Few parts of the world can claim so rich a store of art, architecture, natural beauty, mountains, hills and coasts of breath-taking beauty. The “Italian list” of amazing places includes scenic southern coasts with narrow winding roads, breathtaking sea views and a charming atmosphere. Scenic hill towns boast fantastic views, charming old streets with plenty of history that has inspired generations of poets, artists and filmmakers. Splendid locations from the amazing vineyards and the Renaissance architecture of Tuscany, the sunny beaches of Sicily and the scenic mountains of the Northern regions, to modern towns like Milan, Italy is the perfect location you are dreaming of and we can coordinate it to make your project come true and make your Italian experience an unforgettable one!

It’s easier when it comes to sun!

WEATHER! With its sunny Mediterranean climate, Italy boasts ideal outdoor shooting conditions all year round. The weather and the daylight create perfect filming conditions with a mild temperature throughout the year with temperate winters, warm and dry summers. The romantic Autumn, the sweet tones of Winter, the vivid colours of Spring and the warm feeling of Summer make Italy an ideal place for all audiovisual productions and media projects. The Italian climate is an inspirational and fundamental element of any media project, with a minimum of 8 hours daylight during winter and up to 12 hours during spring, summer and late autumn.

People and their stories: what else?

Stories & People! Italy tells a wealth of fascinating stories that develop the project from the initial idea and turn it into an innovative, engaging and captivating story while you develop it. Listen, watch, observe while the story comes to you. Italian people can be very inspiring and you can use their stories to make your project come true. Whether you are a journalist, a documentary maker or a travel blogger, you can find your next story in Italy through which you can gain inspiration and support. It could be a peddler shouting in the bustling streets of Napoli, or it could be an old man tasting his home made wine in a Tuscan winery, or some joyful kids playing soccer on the squares of a Sicilian village, or a charming artist heartily working in his tiny studio. Myriads of stories that come into life thanks to special storytellers full of passion and power with deep historical roots.

FOOD! Italy is a great source of inspirations for food bloggers, food journalists, food photographers, food documentary makers and food TV producers. Olive trees ,vineyards, cows in the fields bred for cheese, ham hanging in the small shops of the owns, hand-made pasta made according to an old tradition, the realm of pizza, buffalo mozzarella looking like a precious gem, from regional specialties to the finest seasonal delicacies, you would need multiple lifetimes to shoot all the Italian food…and to taste everything! With its rich cuisine, this beautiful Mediterranean country offers famous and countless food options to film and photograph. Food in Italy defines its sublime culture, reflecting people, history, traditions and climate. Italy is a haven for media people travelling from North to South looking for the typical Italian dishes every region is known for.

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